20 Unique Facts About the Lovely Strawberries.

The ripe strawberries are splendid red shaded, succulent and have lovely sweet taste.

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1. The Strawberries belong to the rose family called Fragraria, an old Latin word for fragrant.

2. Strawberry is a kind of herbaceous plant that has a place in the rose family.  It started from Northern part of the globe where the temperature is mild, yet it very well found far these days.

3. The nursery strawberry is a generally developed half breed types of the variety Fragaria, altogether known as strawberries. It is developed worldwide for its fruit.  They are normally collected with part of the stem, which hold its’ freshness.

4. Wild varieties of strawberries were developed and expended until the eighteenth century.  It is a half-breed of two wild strawberry species from North America and Chile and has applications in medicinal and pharmaceutical industry. 

5. Romans utilized strawberries in treatment of fever, kidney stones, liver disease, inflammation, and numerous different illnesses.  It has also anti-tumor properties.

6. There are 103 distinct kinds of strawberries with different available colors like yellow, blue, purple, white, dark, and obviously, red.

7. There are about two-hundred (200) seeds per strawberry. 


8. Strawberry is rich in Vitamin C for immune system, folic acid for red blood cells, potassium that is good for the heart and fibres which is good in digestion.

9. Strawberries are perennial plants which can produce fruits for as long as five (5) years.

10. In medieval occasions, strawberries were at significant capacities to bring harmony and thriving.

11. In France, Strawberries were believed to be an aphrodisiac. That is the reason love birds in France have thick soup for breakfast made of strawberries, sour cream, and powdered sugar.

12. The Strawberry is not a genuine berry.  True berries, for example blueberries and cranberries have seeds inside. Unlike strawberries it produce small seeds known as achenes.

13. The piece of the strawberry is not actually a fruit, it is
just an enlarged blossom stem.


14. Legends says that if you cut the strawberry in half down the middle and offer it with the opposite sex, you’ll soon experience love.



15. There is a historical center in Belgium committed for strawberries.


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 Strawberry Lovers? You might want to attend to some of the Strawberry Festives. 

16. National Strawberry Day is being celebrated every February 27th.

17. There is also National Strawberries and Cream Day which is held every May 21st.

18. Next is on June fourteenth for the National Strawberry Shortcake Day. 

19. National Strawberry cream Pie Day is being held every September 28th. 

20. Eating the nitrate rich food strawberries before exercising will burn an additional 100 more calories than those who do not.

Credit: Photo by Peter Lewicki on Unsplash.

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